Chicago’s Furnace Installation Experts

Are you looking for a new furnace to be installed in your home? Wondering who you should choose or what product is best for you? Let us help you make a better choice. Did you know that your furnace makes up minimum 29.9% of your home energy use. Looking at those statistics you may want to think about having a 95% efficient furnace installed. Most people cringe when they have to talk to a sales representative but our helpful team is hear for you. We will walk you through all features, efficiencies, pros and cons of any furnace you are interested in. But in the end our installations stand above the rest.

Most new furnace installations these days consist of a company trying to do less and get more. When you are installing a new furnace, a/c, chimney lining or boiler make sure that the quality of the furnace is equal to the quality of the installation.


What comes with a standard furnace installation:

  1. New thermostat
  2. New humidifier
  3. New main gas shut-off valve
  4. New 110v switch and cover
  5. New return drop with external filter rack and (3 filters)
  6. New furnace raised of floor if applicable
  7. New flue vent pipe
  8. New Chimney lining if installing 80% efficient furnace

These are just some of the extras that Home Heating and Cooling provides to their Chicago customers. You do not commonly receive these extras but here at Home Heating and Cooling we feel that if you are going to use a quality company you should receive quality work. Call us now to schedule your free in home estimate.

Your Preferred Service Experts in Heating and Cooling

Our technology is really what sets us apart from other companies. We have our own design team, we fabricate our own sheet metal and we have our own engineering service team for specialized design builds to make sure your HVAC system is safe, functioning at maximum efficiency, and does not get in the way of your home or work life. Since we handle every aspect of your indoor temperature needs, including heating and cooling services such as heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and inspection, you can feel confident that if there is a problem, our service experts in heating and cooling will solve it quickly and for long-lasting comfort.

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