Did you know getting your furnace cleaned and tuned up can help you save on energy costs and increase safety in your home? Regular furnace maintenance helps ensure a key component of your heating system, your furnace, is running at its highest efficiency and helps prevent it from breaking down. Keep your furnace in good shape with furnace inspections and maintenance so it can last longer, prevent dangerous situations, and help your family stay safe and warm.


Don’t Forget the Furnace

People often replace air filters and get their cars inspected and oil changed. Especially when the first chilly winter day arrives, it’s easy to turn the heater on and forget to include your furnace in your regular checklist of household appliances to maintain, update, and upgrade. Scheduling an annual furnace inspection and furnace cleaning with Home Heating and Cooling is worry-free and affordable.

Preventive Furnace Maintenance and Warranty

After significant use, a furnace may need repair or replacement and it may still be under warranty, which can save you money. However, to benefit from a warranty, manufacturers will often require proof that care was taken to keep it working and in good shape – just another reason why preventative furnace maintenance is important.


Home Heating and Cooling 29-Point Yearly Inspection

Home Heating and Cooling’s 29-point yearly furnace inspection will give you the confidence you need to live your life comfortably in the winter and know it’s safely and efficiently warming your home or office. Contact us to set up an appointment.

 1) Clean furnace or boiler                               11) Check safety devices                                            21) Check gas valve operation
2) Check chimney base                                   12) Check heat anticipators                                        22) Test for gas leaks
3) Clean and check pilots                                 13) Check thermostat contacts                                  23) Check humidifier
4) Adjust pilot                                                    14) Check limit control                                               24) Check electrical connections
5) Check Thermocouple                                  15) Inspect combustion chamber                               25) Inspect heat exchanger
6) Clean burners                                              16) Check blower wheel                                            26) Check motors and oil
7) Adjust burners                                              17) Check furnace wiring                                          27) Check any/all accessories
8) Check fan belts                                             18) Check blower motor and lube                             28) Check and secure all panels
9) Check amperage draw                                 19) Check for combustion air                                     29) Check thermostat and calibrate                                                                                                                                                                     necessary
10) Check furnace filters                                   20) Check hot water tank

Your Preferred Service Experts in Heating and Cooling

Our technology is really what sets us apart from other companies. We have our own design team, we fabricate our own sheet metal and we have our own engineering service team for specialized design builds to make sure your HVAC system is safe, functioning at maximum efficiency, and does not get in the way of your home or work life. Since we handle every aspect of your indoor temperature needs, including heating and cooling services such as heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and inspection, you can feel confident that if there is a problem, our service experts in heating and cooling will solve it quickly and for long-lasting comfort.

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